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Why Alice Water Smart

We all know how great our lifestyle can be in Alice Springs with beautiful home gardens, backyard BBQs and cooling off in the pool. Due to our climate, may people think a lot of water is needed to maintain our gardens and lifestyle. But this is not the case. To see how local residents are reducing their water use without changing their lifestyle click here »

Alice Water Smart aims to preserve our finite groundwater source and secure the long term sustainability of Alice Springs. Many of us believe our water supply will last forever, as it is drawn from the ancient Amadeus basin. However our water is precious and must be used wisely.

Alice Springs residents are among the highest water users anywhere in Australia.

Alice Springs residents are among the highest water users anywhere in Australia. While many other large cities in Australia have reduced their water use in the last five years, Alice Springs has increased its water use. An average Alice Springs household uses 535,000 litres of water per year. That's around 1,500 litres of water per household each day. We live in a hot, semi-arid climate and therefore we can expect to use more water than other regions in Australia. However, a lot of our water use is unnecessary and can be reduced, whilst still maintaining our great lifestyle.

What is Alice Water Smart?

Alice Water Smart is a $15 million project jointly funded through the Australian Government's Water for the Future initiative through the National Water Security Plan for Cities and Towns program and the Alice Water Smart Consortium, which includes the following organisations:

  • Power and Water Corporation
  • Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport
  • Alice Springs Town Council
  • Arid Lands Environment Centre
  • Tourism NT

It is a two year project that will help Alice Springs residents to reduce water use by 1600 million litres per year, equivalent to two months average water supply. Led by a consortium of government and community organisations, Alice Water Smart will help to drive smarter and more efficient use of water in homes, businesses, parks and gardens; and Alice Springs will become a role model for others to follow.

How will Alice Springs reduce water use through Alice Water Smart?

Alice Water Smart is a comprehensive program offering a variety of projects to help all Alice Springs residents and businesses to become involved in reducing their water use:

Alice Water Smart Homes

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Helping Alice Springs residents to save water without changing their lifestyle and be smarter with their water use. The Alice...

Alice Water Smart Businesses

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Alice Water Smart Rebates and Retrofits

In partnership with the Department of Land Resource Management, Alice Water Smart temporarily enhanced the existing Central...

Alice Water Smart Parks and Ovals

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Regular irrigation is necessary to maintain our parks and ovals to a standard that is suitable for all sporting and leisure uses...

Alice Water Smart Accommodation

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Tourism NT led the way on this project by working with all accredited hotels, motels, backpackers, serviced apartments and...

Alice Water Smart Reuse

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  Large businesses and institutions south of Heavitree Gap in Alice Springs will soon be taking advantage of...

Alice Water Smart Reticulation

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Power and Water Corporation, which manages the Alice Water Smart Reticulation project is working to identify leaks in over 300...

Alice Water Smart - Smart Meters

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