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How Much Can I Save?

National household water use comparisonFor many years Alice Springs had the highest average household consumption use in Australia. Looking back over recent years the average Alice Springs household (including all houses, units and granny flats) used approximately 530kL of water per year which is more than twice the national average for households of 190kL pa.

Data from more than 1000 Alice Water Smart home Water Efficiency Consultations confirms there are large opportunities to save water in Alice Springs households.

Water savings of around 44% per household are typical, with some higher users saving even more. That's a bigger saving than the recent water price rise of 30%.

The home Water Efficiency Consultations have revealed that in Alice Springs homes; 50% of identified water savings are through smarter garden watering and design, 25% savings are through fixing leaks, and about 20% would come from choosing efficient appliances and fittings like shower heads. Being water smart can be achieved without changing your lifestyle. See the below diagram for more detail.

Graph AWS identified savings by area of house






Examples of typical water savings after a Water Efficiency Consultation:

Alice Springs family living in a freestanding house with annual high water use of 1000 kL/year:

  • A 44% water reduction after a Water Efficiency Consultation will save $823

Household with average Alice Springs water use of 530 kL/year:

  • A 44% water reduction after a Water Efficiency Consultation will save $436

For some DIY tips on how you can start saving water today click here »

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