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Government or Institution

With rising costs of water, precious underground stores in Central Australia, and the effect on carbon footprints, water efficiency is now an important management consideration for all Government departments or institutions in Alice Springs and Australia.

Reducing water use is good for the environment, our economy and our way of life.

Water saving benefits for your Organisation

Significant benefits can be realised through becoming more water efficient. These include:

  • Costs: the price of water has doubled in the past five years and will continue to rise. The more efficient your organisation is now, the more $ savings you will make over time.
  • Environment and Social: Being water smart will help to develop an eco-friendly and environmentally and socially responsible image and attract environmentally conscious staff.
  • Carbon Footprint: Pumping water from deep underground and into town uses energy. By lowering your water use, you are also making a significant reduction in CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change.
  • Energy consumption: Saving hot water will also save electricity and lower your power bill, so be sure to pay particular attention to any water-use areas that waste hot water.
  • Maintenance: Every litre of water has half a gram of salts/solids in it so reducing your use reduces the build-up of calcium on your tapware and fittings.
  • Property value: Retrofitting your workplace with modern water efficient equipment raises the value of your property
  • Rebates: You may be eligible for rebates under the Central Australian Waterwise Rebate Scheme.

Play your part to make your organisation water smart

Education and awareness

  • Raising staff awareness is a cost-effective and sustainable way to save water at your organisation or workplace. Behavioural changes are the cheapest to fix – they’re free! So be sure to focus on these.
  • Install reminder signs in your kitchen and bathroom areas to remind staff and customers to use water wisely.
  • Display water smart posters in kitchens, staff rooms and toilets.
  • Reduce water wastage by regularly checking and fixing leaks in taps, toilet cisterns, pipes and appliance hoses.

Get management on board

  • Having senior managers on board will enable you to investigate, propose and implement water efficiency measures.
  • Top Down/Bottom Up Approach - the water saving message should be consistent across the organisation.
  • Start water saving practices from the site’s senior management levels.

Get staff on board

  • Spread the word – let everyone know about this - get staff involved in the program.
  • Talk to staff about your water savings initiatives. Include water savings policies and procedures in staff induction.
  • Encourage staff to contribute to water savings ideas. They may already have great ideas about how to save water and this may be their chance to make them happen.
  • Discuss water efficiency at team meetings and keep staff up-to-date on how the site is tracking against its goals water use figures.
  • Urge employees to report leaks and other issues.
  • Top Down/Bottom Up Approach - the water saving message should be consistent across the organisation.
  • Provide incentives, for example, you could consider adding water conservation targets to staff performance reviews.

Set a target

  • What is your workplace goal? Setting a goal can help to focus attention on what needs to be done and how to achieve it.
  • Identify ‘water efficiency champions’ and celebrate their achievements.

Develop and implement a water management plan

  • Prepare a water saving plan with the expert help provided through Alice Water Smart and a DIY walk through audit
  • Find out what barriers exist to making the switch to becoming a water smart workplace.
  • Keep track of how much you’ve saved and evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Recognise involvement and reward achievement.
  • Introduce an ongoing review and monitoring of water conservation and usage efforts and welcome opportunities for improvement.

Please contact Alice Water Smart for further information and for assistance to improve your organisations water efficiency.