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Jamie Balfour & Tina Tilhard

Interactive-House-Garden-wide 3

"We learnt how to set up our garden and water our plants properly"

We rent our three bedroom home from a family member, who gets our water bills. With comments about our high water use we knew we had to find a way to reduce it!

The garden is varied, with natives, fruit trees and a vegie patch. After our Water Efficiency Consultation and advice from gardener Geoff Miers we were given an $800 rebate to install a new, eight station irrigation system which delivers the right amount of water to each group of plants.

We discovered two large leaks and the consultant found a blockage in our evaporative airconditioner hose; he showed us how to reduce the water bleed rate and direct the water into the garden instead of the roof.

We reckon everyone should have a consult to find out where they use their water. It takes just over an hour, it's free and you'll be surprised by what you learn!