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Chris & Sarah McIntyre

McIntyre Water Champions

"We have halved our water bill"

We live on a three acre block at Ilparpa with our daughter Kiara. Before our Water Efficiency Consultation our water use was ridiculously high, which we put it down to our pool and large garden.

We found out the garden contributes to 93% of our total water use. We used to water for 40 minutes per day, 7 days a week – now we just water twice a week for one hour each time. Our garden is as healthy as ever.

Alice Water Smart sent professional gardener Geoff Miers to do a free irrigation consultation and he showed us how we different plant types need different amounts of water. We received an $800 irrigation rebate to purchase new water timers and drippers.

Our airconditioner and solar hot water run-off is now connected to our water tank, which we use to water our garden and top up the pool.

We are happy to be saving so much money, which means we can spend it on other things!