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Barbara & Murray Neck

Necks Water Champions

"We use less water, and our garden is as lush as ever"

We are retired, long term locals and every day you'll find us spending time in our garden! For years we've been worried about our high water bill and we are also conscious that the town's water supply is not going to last forever.

With the help of a professional gardener and an $800 voucher, Alice Water Smart set up a timed irrigation schedule. Now every section of the garden has its own dripper or spray and is getting the right amount of water, which is different in summer and winter.

We installed a pool cover and since then have only topped it up twice in four months, instead of weekly. Two major water leaks were found and a $250 WaterWise rebate helped us buy a water efficient washing machine.

It's incredible how much water we've saved. Our plants are healthier, we have more time on our hands and we're helping to protect Alice Springs water supply.