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Smart Watering Week to prepare Alice gardens for summer

Alice Water Smart has partnered with local Alice Springs gardening gurus to offer residents free Do-It-Yourself courses for water smart gardening just in time for summer.

Smart Watering Week will run from Saturday 30 November to Saturday 7 December with three courses on offer, hosted by Geoff Miers Gardening Solutions, Bloomin’ Deserts Nursery and Wayne Tregea Landscaping and Garden Maintenance.

Topics covered include designing efficient irrigations systems, selecting the right irrigation equipment, putting an irrigation system together and working out the right watering schedule for your garden.

There will also be a $500 water smart voucher to be given away at each of the three courses.

Les Seddon, Alice Water Smart Project Manager says that the courses have come just in time for summer and will be particularly useful for residents who are going away for holidays, leaving their garden to fend for itself.

“Setting up an irrigation system that suits the different types of plants in your garden and choosing the right watering schedule can be two of the most important things you can do to have a healthy garden and to save water at the same time.”

“Overwatering is one of the biggest culprits of water waste in Alice Springs and in our unique environment many people are not sure just how much water their plants need.”

“We are pleased to have partnered with some of Alice Springs’ most knowledgeable garden experts to offer these free courses to residents. If it’s popular we will look at running it a couple of times a year.”

 “All of our experts have been working in Alice Springs gardens a long time, and know what it takes to create the most efficient garden and watering regime.”

“Together with the recently launched online Alice Springs Garden Watering Planner, where residents can design a personalised watering schedule for their garden, the courses will be a great tool to arm residents with everything they need to know.”

Saturday 30 November, 2 - 4pm
Problem solving and designing efficient irrigation systems for Central Australian gardens, including Wicking Beds. Hosted by Geoff Miers Garden Solutions.

Wednesday 4 December, 6 – 9pm
Install or overhaul your irrigation system - Learn the tricks and tips that the professionals use. Hosted by Wayne Tregea Landscaping and Garden Maintenance.

Saturday 7 December, 2 - 4pm
Where to start: Irrigation for dummies. Learn how to plan your irrigation schedule, irrigation zones and more. Hosted by Bloomin’ Deserts.

For all the details and to register for a DIY Course during Smart Watering Week visit or call 8952 9412.

For further information contact Laurelle Halford on 0417 222 211

Alice Water Smart is supported by the Australian Government.