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Alice Springs garden watering planner a first for arid Australia

Alice Water Smart has today launched a new web-based tool that works out the ideal garden watering schedule for Alice Springs’ gardens and the local environment.

It is the first tool of its kind for arid Australia, and was developed in partnership with the national savewater!® Alliance. Its launch also coincides with the launch of Alice Water Smart’s new website.

In just a couple of minutes, anyone who owns a garden in Alice Springs, whether they be home or business owners, can find out how much water to use and when. It also compares the recommended schedule with current use, so gardeners can see how much water they can save.

Alice Water Smart Project Manager Les Seddon says that more than half of all water wasted in Alice Springs is through overwatering plants.

“We have completed more than 1000 Water Efficiency Consultations and found that overwatering is the biggest culprit in water waste.”

“The Garden Watering Planner will help Alice Springs garden owners save water, money and time. It is incredibly easy to use and each homeowner can print out a personalised watering schedule for their garden.”

“For a long time, Alice residents have found it difficult to work out how much water their garden actually needs and very few were getting it right.”

“There are so many variables, such as plant age, size and root depth, as well as the types of irrigation being used and our unique climate. No wonder it is confusing!”

“The Planner takes into account our varying climate, such as the mid-February heat when plants are under the most stress, and the mid-winter frosts when water in irrigation pipes is at risk of freezing.”

It also works out the best watering schedule for different types of plants, such as natives and drought tolerant plants, grape vines, citrus, palm trees, vegetables and lawn areas.

For example, if you want to know the recommended frequency and duration to water native shrubs that are between 3-12 months old, the Garden Watering Planner will do that for you.

The personalised report details the ideal watering schedule for each season and offers advice on the best types of irrigation to use for those plants.

The average water saved from making a simple irrigation change, such as scheduling or the type of sprinkler pop-up used, is around 224 kilolitres, or $390 per year.

Garden design, local Alice Springs plants, and the importance of root depth are also features of the Water Planner.

“Many residents water their gardens every day. This is encouraging shallow roots, which are prone to heat stress, dry out quickly and can only access a small amount of water.”

“We recommend watering longer and less often to encourage deep-rooted plants.  The roots live in cooler soil and can access more water so they help the plant better cope with hot, dry periods.”

The Alice Springs Garden Watering Planner can be found at

Alice Water Smart is supported by the Australian Government.


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