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One in three Alice homes found to have a water leak as efficiency consults come to an end – 3 May 2013

More than 1000 home Water Efficiency Consultations conducted by Alice Water Smart have found that almost one in three Alice Springs homes have a sizeable water leak.

The average leak is around 234,000 litres per year, more than half the average consumption of an Alice Springs household.

“At a national level, the average leak in Alice amounts to more than the entire annual use of the average Australian home”, say Liz Locksley, Alice Water Smart Homes and Businesses Manager.

“We have just completed 1000 free Water Efficiency Consultations in Alice Springs and found 350 of those had a leak, primarily in the garden and in toilets.”

“The free consultations wrap up on 10 May as the Alice Water Smart project comes to an end, so we encourage residents to get in quick if they want help to save water.”

“Imagine if we had been able to audit every home in Alice Springs. If the average leak size and frequency held true across the whole town, leaks would amount to almost one fifth of the town’s residential water use.”

Alice Water Smart has identified a total of 500 million litres of water savings per year as a result of the 1000 Water Efficiency Consultations. Those savings equate to 200 Alice Springs Aquatic Centres.

Amy Sabadin from The Gap was the lucky 1000th customer to receive a consultation and was presented with a dinner voucher by Andy Hood, Alice Water Smart Ambassador and Regional Manager AFLNT.

“I’ve just bought my home and wanted to get onto water efficiency right away.  We want to enjoy our home whilst keeping the bills down and play our part to be water smart”, said Amy.

“I was pleasantly surprised to find my new home and garden was already fairly water smart. Richard from Alice Water Smart helped me determine that we do have some significant unexplained water use. So we will follow that up through a specialist garden consultation.”

Improving the efficiency of garden watering and fixing leaks have been the priority actions for the 1000 households who have had a consultation. These two actions alone have resulted in 80% of all identified water savings and have not impacted people’s lifestyles.

Alice Water Smart has funded professional Garden Water Consultations in 421 homes, with 380 of these receiving an $800 Central Australian Waterwise irrigation voucher.  The irrigation vouchers have a good return with each voucher saving on average, $600 a year in water costs.

 “We are now following up with previous participants to find out which actions they’ve implemented and how we can help them to further fine tune things so their homes are water efficient and bills under control”, says Liz Locksley.

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Alice Water Smart is supported by the Australian Government’s Water for the Future initiative.


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