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Call for Advisory Panel to help set Community Water Rules for Alice Springs – 3 October 2012

Alice Springs residents are being invited to put up their hands for a Citizens Advisory Panel to help introduce voluntary community water rules for the town.

Led by Alice Water Smart, the proposed water rules will help ensure everyone plays their part to make the town water smart for the long term and help the finite underground water supply last longer.

When introduced, Alice Springs will become the first town in Australia to establish its own water saving code of conduct.

Alice Water Smart Homes and Business program manager Liz Locksley says “We need around 15 community minded people who care about the future water supply of Alice Springs.

”To achieve a cross section of public opinion about what might be included in the rules we’d like to see nominations from the business, residential and community sectors, as well as local experts.

“They will have a vital role in ensuring the final water rules meet community expectations, with the local community being invited to have their say during a public consultation process.

“We have already been surveying people at events like the Alice Springs Show and found overwhelming support for the introduction of some kind of community water rules.”

“People have said that rules such as watering early in the morning or late in the afternoon are a good idea to encourage everyone to play their part in helping to make Alice water smart.

As well as rules to encourage water smart gardening, the final rules are likely to address other major causes of water waste in Alice, including commitments to fix leaks immediately, buying water efficient appliances and installing water efficient fixture and fittings.

The Citizens Advisory Panel will meet three or four times between October this year and February next year and oversee the consultation and decision-making process for Alice to voluntarily adopt its own set of rules.

“Nominees don’t need to be an expert on water use or have a high profile,” Ms Locksley said. “They just need to care about how we use water in Alice Springs and be prepared to represent their community.”

Information packs on the Panel and what participation on it will entail are available from or by calling 8953 1030.

Starting in National Water Week (21 to 27 October), the town will be asked to have input into the Community Water Rules.

A series of workshops, talks and forums will also be held for people to find out more and have their say. The results will be incorporated into the final water rules, which will be agreed by the Citizens Advisory Panel to be formally adopted by the town in March next year.

Alice Water Smart is supported by the Australian Government Water for the Future initiative. Alice Water Smart Homes and Business provides free water efficiency consultations for homes and non-residential properties, free garden watering consultations and help to access up to $2,700 of NT Government Waterwise rebates.


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