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Winter’s coming! Get your garden and watering schedules ready

It might still feel like summer in Alice, however it is progressively getting cooler and May is the best time to adjust your garden watering schedules to ensure your plants receive ‘not too much’ and ‘not too little’.

Your plants won’t need as much as they do in summer so you might as well pocket some extra cash to spend on the things you love.

The Alice Water Smart Guide provides the ideal watering schedules for all plant types in Alice Springs, as well as the depth to which you should water.

An established lawn should be watered just once per week in winter, compared to 3 times per week in summer. A vegetable patch can get away with being watered just twice a week in winter.

And what about your beautiful native plants? It depends on how old they are. Grab your free copy of the Alice Water Smart Guide. See our website for stockists.