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Irrigation smarts for Alice Springs Parks and Ovals - 19 March 2012

Alice Springs residents and sporting clubs are playing on smarter parks and ovals with the installation of new irrigation technology linked to a weather station.

As part of the Alice Water Smart plan, the Alice Springs Town Council has installed smart water saving irrigation systems in 32 of 64 parks and ovals around town.

Alice Water Smart is a two year plan currently being implemented through a range of initiatives to help Alice Springs reduce its water use by 1,600 million litres per year, equivalent to two months average water supply.

Les Seddon, Alice Water Smart Project Manager says that when completed, 64 Alice Springs parks and ovals will make use of a sophisticated irrigation control system to save water.

“The smart irrigation system will be linked to a weather station at the Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre to register weather elements such as temperature, humidity and rainfall.”

“This then determines the irrigation schedule, water flows and run times for each park and oval. Basically this saves water by more closely linking irrigation to what is happening in the natural environment.”

In addition to controlling the irrigation, the system has an in-built leak detector and if a leak is found it shuts off the offending irrigation lines, saving water and infrastructure damage.

“What the town ends up with are parks and ovals that are well maintained to allow for frequent use, whether it be for sporting clubs, people walking their dogs or for large community events, whilst using as little water as possible.”

A list of all ovals receiving the smart irrigation can be found on the Alice Water Smart website at

Alice Water Smart is a two year, $15 million Plan supported by the Australian Government through the Water for the Future initiative.


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 Who is involved in Alice Water Smart?

Alice Water Smart is a $15 million plan supported by the Australian Government through the Water for the Future initiative. It is led by local consortium members who include Power and Water Corporation, the Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport, Alice Springs Town Council, the Arid Lands Environment Centre and Tourism NT.