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Alice Springs becomes first Australian town to adopt voluntary water use guidelines - 22 March 2013

A new water use Guide, which lists the top six actions to help Alice Springs residents save water will be launched today on World Water Day at a free community breakfast, 7-9am on the Town Council lawns.

The Alice Water Smart Guide is a culmination of local knowledge, the results of almost 1000 professional Water Efficiency Consultations by Alice Water Smart and input and feedback from the Alice Springs community. A volunteer Citizens’ Advisory Panel helped pull it all together.

“It has been developed for locals, by locals”, says Alice Water Smart Homes and Business Manager Liz Locksley.

“The top six actions have been chosen as they will have the biggest impact on water savings, but at the same time, very little impact on the great lifestyle that Alice people have come to love – beautiful gardens, outdoor BBQs and a dip in the pool.”

“The Guide offers advice and ideas for saving water, including choosing the correct irrigation, when and how long to water gardens and different plants types, and how to detect hidden leaks.”

“Implementing the Actions is completely voluntary for residents and businesses, but if they do they will be rewarded at the hip pocket.”

“If we all do just a couple of Actions in the Guide we will be playing our part to make Alice water smart for the long term and helping to make the town’s non-renewable water supply last longer.”

“Five of the six actions focus on gardens and leaks, as this is where more than 75% of water is wasted in homes and businesses. That surprises a lot of people.”

“The Actions describe the way we use water in Alice Springs, and include:

  1. Use efficient irrigation and adjust watering times seasonally
  2. Water between 8pm-8am
  3. Schedule watering
  4. Fix leaks quickly
  5. Find hidden leaks
  6. Encourage others to be water smart

 Northern Territory Minister for Land Resource Management and Essential Services, Willem Westra van Holthe said the Alice Water Smart Guide is timely, when residents are looking for ways to reduce their water use.

“It’s great to see the Alice Springs community taking the initiative on this vitally important program,” Mr Westra van Holthe said.

 “Water reserves, particularly in the arid zone, are our most precious asset.  We all have a part to play in the responsible management of this resource.”

Copies of the Alice Water Smart Guide are available from the Alice Springs Town Council, Power and Water in the Alice Plaza and various sites around town or can be downloaded from

Alice Water Smart is supported by the Australian Government through the Water for the Future initiative.


For further information contact Laurelle Halford from Creative Territory on 0417 222 211 or