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Share your water saving story - 28 February 2013

You could win loads of fantastic prizes including AFLNT 2013 season tickets, vouchers for plants, garden supplies, hardware, meals, accommodation, movies and local attractions.

Share your water saving story by February 28th.

Write your story in an email to . We would love to see photos and please include your phone number.

Your story will share with others what you have done to save water.

Tell it in a way that people will feel it is something they can easily do themselves.

In sharing your story please include answers to the following:

 * Why did you have a Water Efficiency Consultation?

 * Why did you want to reduce your water usage?

 * What is the amount of water you've saved?

 * In what area did you make your water savings?




              Pool or swampy

              Behaviour: (i.e) sweeping instead of hosing

 * What would you like to say to other residents about water usage in Alice Springs?

Share your story in a way that will encourage others to follow your example.

You will be passing on what you have learned so that other people can be water smart in Alice Springs too.

Selected stories will be used for TV and radio, social media and press advertising.

The stories will go into the running to win a selection of prizes.