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Millions of litres of water savings found for Alice Springs homes - 30 November 2011

Millions of litres of water savings have been identified for Alice Springs homeowners as they take part in the first Alice Water Smart Home Water Efficiency Consultations.

Alice Water Smart is a two year plan to help Alice Springs reduce its water use by 1,600 million litres per year, equivalent to two months average water supply for the town.

Les Seddon, Project Manager for the Alice Water Smart Homes and Businesses project says that there has already been a great response from the 50 homeowners who have undergone a water efficiency consultation to find out how they can save water.

“In one household we quickly discovered and made recommendations to fix a number of small leaks that will potentially save the homeowner around 800 kilolitres (kL) per annum - or about 90,000 buckets of water, and a whopping $1,000 off their annual water bill.”

“In other homes a recommendation for a simple adjustment of the evaporative air conditioner could see 160kL saved, and $200 off the water bill.”

“The best thing is that saving water doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your lifestyle or garden.”

Alice Water Smart Water Efficiency Consultant Jethro Laidlaw says, “People are always surprised at the sneaky water users around the home, such as leaks and water bleed rates on evaporative coolers and how easy these things can be fixed or adjusted to save water.”

“Consultations so far have been surprising – every household has potential areas for significant savings. The main areas so far have been air conditioners and gardens.”

“Most homes already have some efficient appliances including low-flow shower heads and low volume dual-flush toilets but there is still room for householders to introduce new appliances and different habits to make water savings.”

“It is great to see some homes with pool covers installed and being used most of the time, but many still have exposed pools or use their covers rarely which can cause a large amount of water loss.”

A Water Efficiency Consultation is free and will take about two hours as the consultant walks through the home and garden.

A personalised water efficiency report is given to each homeowner offering recommendations that suit their lifestyle and garden, and advice to tailor their water saving solutions.

There are also around 10 different water efficiency and retrofit rebates on offer, including rainwater tanks, plumbing services, water efficiency washing machines and ‘tune up’ services for irrigation systems.

To register for an Alice Water Smart Home Water Efficiency Consultation call 8953 1030 or visit to find out more.

Who is involved in Alice Water Smart?

Alice Water Smart is supported by the Australian Government through the Water for the Future initiative. It is lead by local consortium members which include Power and Water Corporation, the Department of Natural Resources, Environment, the Arts and Sport, Alice Springs Town Council, the Arid Lands Environment Centre and Tourism NT.