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Alice Water Smart

Alice Water Smart is a two year project that is helping Alice Springs to reduce water use by 1600 million litres per year, equivalent to two months average water supply. Water savings are being made through five key projects: 

1. Homes and Businesses

  • In partnership with the Arid Lands Environment Centre, 360 Alice Springs homeowners have had a Water Efficiency Consultation with 112 million litres of water savings identified, equivalent to 45 Olympic swimming pools.
  • 35 businesses and organisations have had Water Efficiency Audits and over 213 million litres of water savings have been identified (85 Olympic swimming pools). See overleaf for the organisations involved.
  • A DIY Water Audit for smaller organisations is now available through Alice Water Smart.
  • Residents and businesses have been contributing to the development of Voluntary Water Rules for Alice Springs.
  • NRETAS has provided over 1,500 Waterwise Rebates in the last year to improve home water efficiency and save 40 million litres.
  • 6 Alice Springs schools have received an irrigation water audit, saving 11 million litres.