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Leak Week

As part of the 2015 National Water Week (18-24 October), Alice Water Smart is running its first ever Leak Week.

Are you aware that leaks around the home and garden are still the largest water wasters in Alice Springs and one in three homes having one? The average leak is approximately 260,000 litres per year and with around 6000 homes in Alice, this averages out to a staggering 80,000 litres per home!

During Leak Week Power and Water Corporation (PWC) contractors (Leak Checkers) will be visiting around 6000 homes and business in Alice Springs to conduct a quick leak test using the existing water meter at your premises.

Normal PWC meter checking arrangements that are currently in place will apply and Leak Checkers will attempt to read the meter from outside your property.

The Leak Checkers will leave a fact sheet in your letterbox which will state:

  • if a leak has been identified during this meter check; or
  • that no leak was identified during this meter check; or
  • sorry, we were unable to access the meter to complete the check

Leak Week Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are we trying to find leaks in homes across Alice Springs? According to our Alice Water Smart (AWS) statistics, one in three...