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Smart Meters

Smart Water Meters can monitor patterns in daily water use, check for a baseflow and identify leaks.

A meter can be made 'Smart' by the addittion of a data logger and transmission device usually referred to as a Temporary Smart Meter or by replacing with a new meter with the 'smarts' in built.

A smart meter records continuous water consumption electronically and usally logs this data every 5 minutes. It is then logged for later downloading or can be sent to a website for monitoring and downloading for analysis.

A smart meter can help you to identify whether a baseflow (a constant flow of water) is present. If there is, this may indicate a leak or a combination of leaks. You can also check for any unusual trends that cannot be associated with your business activity.

Another use is to calculate the amount of water used for various activities such as irrigation.

Some smart meters can be set to alarm for specific high use limits—these will alert during excessive flow events.

You can monitor your daily water usage as well as the effects of any changes you have made to your business. For example, if you fix a leak in one area of your business, you will be able to tell if this has fixed the problem or if other leaks remain.

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