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Finding hidden water leaks

Nearly every organisation receiving a water efficiency audit from Alice water Smart was found to have a leak!

Leaks can go unnoticed for years and waste substantial amounts of water. A leaking toilet, barely discernable to the naked eye, can lose over 200kL of water per year. Irrigation leaks can be much more substantial and costly. Luckily fixing leaks is an easy and common sense way to avoid water waste and save money on your water bill.

Watch our video on finding hidden leaks and see more tips below.

The two step 'hidden leak test'

Use a handy reminder to complete a quarterly 'hidden leak test' such as when your Power and Water bill arrives.

Ask people in your organisation business not to use water whilst you do the test or do the test overnight or early in the morning whilst no one is around.

Step 1: Take a reading of the two right hand digits on your water meter.

Step 2: Wait 10 mins - remember not to run any water during this time. If after 10mins there has been any movement in your meter reading, you have a leak. Even the smallest movement in your meter reading can add up to a lot of water over a year.

To look out for leaks

  • Leaks can occur regularly in landscaped areas. Check for wet patches, green spots, popped of drippers, joiners or disconnections in the garden irrigation system every couple of weeks.
  • Check for dripping taps and showerheads.
  • Leaking toilets can leak far more water than a tap. Any noise or water movement in the bowl can mean hundreds of thousands of litres a year is being wasted. Check the toilet for leaks by putting food dye in the cistern and seeing if it ends up in the bowl.

Found a leak?

  • In the street - report it within 48hrs to Power and Water by calling 1800 245 092
  • At work - report it to the manager and/or maintenance person within 24hrs

Why save water?

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