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Graph for residential water use average AWS participantsToilets can account for a large proportion of your water bill.

Fix leaks

The most cost effective way to save water is to fix leaks. Alice Water Smart has found that on average a leaking toilet can waste 200kL per year - more than the national average household use in a year! This can be much more and a 200kL pa leak is hardly noticable.

How to check for toilet leaks:

  1. Add a few drops of dye into your toilet cisterns.
  2. Leave the toilets for 1 hour without flushing them. If dye appears in the toilet bowl, this may indicate a leak.

Watch a Leak detection video to see a toilet leak check in action.

Replace toilets

Older, single flush toilets use around 12 L/flush whereas modern dual-flush toilets use 3 L/half flush and 4.5 L/full flush. 5-star toilets direct hand wash water to the basin, further reducing water use.

In older toilets, it may be possible to modify the float arm to lower the flush volume, or to replace the cistern. Alternatively, toilet bags, costing around $3.00 can be used to reduce the flush volume by 2L/flush. For all of these options, ensure that the pan is suitable for lower flow rates.


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