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Pools can account for nearly one fifth of a household's water use in Alice Springs. Some pool water evaporates, some leaks and some goes to backwash.

There are a number of effective ways to reduce water use in the pool and spa. It can be as simple as changing behaviours to make sure that your water stays in the pool or you can implement a plan to:

  • capture rainfall to refill your pool
  • reduce evaporation
  • reduce backwash on your filter.

Watch this video to learn about saving water with pools or read below for more info.

Central Australian Waterwise Product Rebates are available for pool covers.

Pool Tips

If you have a pool:

  • Shade the pool or use a pool cover to reduce evaporation and keep the pool clean.
  • Keep the pool clean and empty the skimmer basket daily to reduce filter back flushing.
  • Try a cartridge filter.
  • Experiment with how little you can run the filter pump and still maintain a healthy pool.
  • Consider turning the system off over winter and rebalancing for summer.

Did you know?

An average swimming pool can lose up to 60 000 litres of water a year through evaporation; a pool cover can reduce water lost by up to 90%.

Central Australian Waterwise Rebate Scheme

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The Territory Government is working to assist Central Australian residents to save water. Receive between $25–$400 for eligible...