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Irrigation Scheduling

It is important to understand how much water your garden needs to have healthy plants. Use the Alice Water Smart Garden Watering Planner or watch the video below for practical advice on scheduling your watering. Or see further tips below.

How much water do your plants need?

Vist the Garden Watering Planner to find out or download the Alice Water Smart Guide»» for the ideal Alice Springs watering schedule.

The following resources are also available for water smart gardening and irrigation:


VOLUME: If you want to work out how much water you are giving your plants use this equation (Time x flow rate = volume.)
TIME: If you want to work out how long to water your plants use the following equation (Volume / flow rate = time.)

Your flow rate is how much water is released through your emitters every hour.

Many irrigation emitters will have their flow rate written on them and some of them are adjustable.If you want to check your flow rate, you can catch the water coming out in a small measuring jug.If measured in under an hour, use this equation to find your flow rate:(60 / time) x volume = flow rate/hr

 Have you got a leak in your irrigation system? Download the fact sheet How to fix leaks in your irrigation.pdf to find out more.

For more information on plant watering and irrigation systems please contact Alice Water Smart at or call us on 8951 7323.


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