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Garden Design

How you design your garden will have a big impact on how water smart it is, as well as the general wellbeing of your plants. Watch the above Water Smart Garden Design video or read the following for practical and helpful hints on designing a water smart garden:

  • We all know the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, but did you know the best place to plant thirsty plants is on the eastern side of your house block? Here they will receive less of the hot western afternoon sun and therefore will require less water.
  • Plant thirstier plants or a vegetable patch on the eastern side of your block to reduce the hot summer sun they receive.
  • How you group your plants in the garden is crucial to saving water. Group plants with similar water needs together. For example, group native plants separately to fruit trees.
  • Use mulch to reduce evaporation.
  • Use appropriate irrigation equipment.

Visit the Alice Water Smart Garden Watering Planner for:

  • Water efficient garden design information.
  • A list of plants indigenous to Alice Springs that will do well in local conditions and support the local ecosystem.
  • Local climate and watering information.
  • An online tool to create an ideal Alice Springs watering schedule for your plants.

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