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Action 4

In Alice Springs we look out for, report and fix leaks quickly


  • Leaks can occur regularly in the garden. Check for wet patches, green spots, popped off drippers, joiners or disconnections in the garden irrigation system every couple of weeks.
  • Check for dripping taps and showerheads.
  • Leaking toilets can leak far more water than a tap. Any noise or water movement in the bowl can mean hundreds
  • of thousands of litres a year is wasted. Check the toilet for leaks by putting food dye in the cistern and seeing if it ends up in the bowl.
  • Use the hidden leak test explained in Action 5.

Download a copy of the Alice Water Smart Guide


• In the street – report it within 48 hours to PowerWater Corporation by calling 1800 245 092.
• In your home or garden – let the handy person or landlord know.
• At your school – ask your teacher to tell the maintenance person.
• At work – report it to the manager and/or maintenance person within 24 hours.

Simple leaks can be easy to fix yourself if you learn how. Alternatively find out who can fix leaks for you:

• Identify a local handy person to help fix simple leaks.
• Get advice about fixing simple leaks in your home by talking to your local hardware store person.
• To have more significant leaks fixed, contact a plumber.
• Keep the numbers for handy persons and plumbers in a convenient location.

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