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Action 3

In Alice Springs we use an appropriate watering schedule for our plants so they receive ‘not too much’ and ‘not too little’.

  • Water deeper, longer and less often. This encourages deep-rooted plants. Plants with deep roots arebetter able to access water, won’t blow over in strong winds and generally thrive in our climate.
  • Group plants with similar watering requirements.


  • Every time you water ensure the depth of wet soil is enough for your plants to grow deep roots:
  • Vegetable patches and lawn 20–30cm.
  • Fruit trees about 50cm.
  • Natives 50 –100cm.
  • Set your watering schedule using the ideal Alice Springs watering schedule guide.

For further information about appropriate watering schedules for your plants and equipment:

Important note: Don’t make dramatic and sudden changes to irrigation schedules, especially in summer as plants need time to grow deeper roots. Wean plants onto new schedules gradually to give them time to grow deeper roots.

Download a copy of the Alice Water Smart Guide

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