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Action 1

In Alice Springs we use the correct irrigation equipment and adjust water timers seasonally.

  • Adjust irrigation seasonally and after heavy rainfall. A good time for seasonal adjustments to occur is at the end of February, May, July and October.
  • Install a pressure regulator or flow restrictor to reduce leaks and blow outs. Reducing the pressure and flow rate takes the strain off your irrigation pipes and joints.

Note: A pressure regulator can reduce the tap flow to 1–5L/minute, enough for an irrigation line with 4L/hour drippers.
This is much lower than the 30–60L/minute flow from a normal (unrestricted) garden tap and will put less pressure on joints and drippers.

  • Use a tap timer or irrigation controller. This will ensure irrigation is not running longer than it needs to be.
  • Irrigate lawns with modern rotator pop-ups. They apply water much more evenly than older style pop-ups and can often be fitted to existing systems. Installing rotator pop-ups can reduce your water use by around one third.
  • Remember, slow water runs deep. Many plants will do better when water is applied slowly by 4L/hr drippers. These types of drippers ensure water soaks in deeper right where it’s needed.

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Action 2

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