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Alice Water Smart Reuse


Large businesses and institutions south of Heavitree Gap in Alice Springs will soon be taking advantage of recycled water for irrigation and horticulture as part of the Alice Water Smart Reuse Project, saving around 220 million litres of potable (drinkable) water per year, equivalent to 100 Olympic sized swimming pools.

New flocculation, filtration and UV disinfection systems have been installed to provide a higher standard of recycled water suitable for many uses. The construction of treatment facilities has been complete and a 3 month validation period to ensure the recycled water quality requirements are met is nearly finished in late December.

Construction has finished for 3.5km of pipeline along the Stuart Highway and across John Blakeman bridge to Palm Circuit to deliver a higher quality and quantity of recycled water to large businesses and institutions south of Heavitree Gap.A new 2.5 million litre recycled water storage tank has been constructed.

The recycled water will be significantly cheaper than potable water and participation in the scheme will be voluntary for organisations. Power Water Corporation is liaising with potential customers about participating in the scheme and finalising management plans and connections for early takers.

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New building fraome for gravity filter and UV disinfection building

Recycled water tank and pipeline trench

Installation or recycled water pipelines (purple) next to existing sewer and water pipelines.