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Alice Water Smart Parks and Ovals

Regular irrigation is necessary to maintain our parks and ovals to a standard that is suitable for all sporting and leisure uses. Through Alice Water Smart, in partnership with the Alice Springs Town Council, 72 of Alice Springs' parks and ovals will now make use of a sophisticated irrigation control system to save water.

The centrally controlled irrigation system measures weather elements such as temperature, humidity and rainfall and adjusts water flows and run times for each site to adjust the water required.

In one average week in summer the system could potentially save up to 21 million litres or over 8 Olympic sized swimming pools.

It is estimated that the project will save 80 million litres of water (32 Alice Aquatic Centres) each year.

This equipment also allows early identification of leaks for immediate repair.

Which parks and ovals are included?

  • ALBRECHT OVAL (Larapinta Drive and Jamieson Place)
  • Alice Springs Aquatic and Leisure Centre (Speed Street)
  • ANZAC OVAL (Wills Terrace)
  • ASHWIN PARK (Ashwin Street)
  • BATTARBEE PARK (Battarbee Street)
  • BEEFWOOD PARK (Plumbago Crescent, Saltbush Court and Beefwood Court)
  • BILLY GOAT HILL PARK (Stott Terrace)
  • BOWMAN CLOSE PARK (Bowman Close)
  • BOUGAINVILIA PARK (Bougainvilia Avenue and Cypress Crescent)
  • CAMPBELL PARK (Campbell Street and Lackman Terrace)
  • CARMICHAEL PARK (Tmara Mara Circuit)
  • CHALMERS PARK (Chalmers Street and Cora Crescent)
  • CIVIC CENTRE (Todd Street)
  • CLARA COURT PARK (Clara Court)
  • DAVIDSON PARK (Davidson Street and McKay Street)
  • DAY PARK (Day Street and Nichols Street)
  • DIXON PARK (Dixon Road)
  • EAGLE COURT PARK (Eagle Court and Moore Court)
  • FINLAYSON PARK (Finlayson Street and Carruthers Crescent)
  • FLYNN CHURCH LAWNS (Todd Street)
  • FLYNN OVAL (Flynn Drive and Adamson Avenue)
  • FORREST PARK (Forrest Crescent)
  • FRANK McELLISTER PARK (Larapinta Drive)
  • FRANSIS SMITH PARK (Kurrajong Drive)
  • GILLEN PARK (Mueller Street and Goyder Street)
  • GOSSE STREET PARK (Goose Street)
  • GREY PARK (Grey Court and Woods Terrace)
  • HEIDENREICH COURT PARK (Heidenreich Court)
  • HOSPITAL LAWNS / RFDS (Stuart Terrace)
  • JIM McCONVILLE – 2 OVALS (Milner Road, Memorial Avenue and Palmer Street)
  • KILGARIFF PARK (Kilgariff Crescent and Laver Court)
  • KUNOTH PARK (Kunoth Street and Woods Terrace)
  • LEWIS GILBERT PARK (Hillside Gardens)
  • LYNDAVALE PARK (Lyndavale Drive)
  • MADIGAN PARK (Madigan Street)
  • MAYNARD PARK (Head Street and Lackman Terrace)
  • McCOY PARK (Tietkens Avenue and Hearne Place)
  • McDONNELL PARK (McDonnell Court)
  • MERCORELLA COURT PARK (Mercorella Court)
  • NELSON PARK (Nelson Terrace)
  • NEWLAND PARK (Milner Road and Newland Street)
  • NOONIE PARK (Rieff Court)
  • OLEANDER PARK (Oleander Crescent and Banksia Street)
  • PLOWMAN PARK (Plowman Street and Bruce Street)
  • POEPPEL PARK (Poeppel Gardens)
  • PRICKLE PARK (Sturt Terrace)
  • ROBERTS PARK (Roberts Crescent and Hablett Crescent)
  • ROSS PARK OVAL COMPLEX – 3 OVALS (Undoolya Road and Winnecke Avenue)
  • ROTORAC PARK (Madigan Street and Angguna Avenue)
  • SADADEEN OVAL (Sadadeen Road)
  • SNOW KENNA PARK (Wills Terrace)
  • SHANAHAN PARK (Shanahan Close)
  • SPEARWOOD DRIVE PARK (Spearwood Drive and Grevillea Drive)
  • SPENCER PARK (Spencer Street and Bacon Street)
  • SPICER CRESCENT PARK (Spicer Crescent and Irvine Crescent)
  • STURT TERRACE PARK (Sturt Terrace)
  • TRAEGER PARK COMPLEX – 3 OVALS (Traeger Avenue, Speed Street and Gap Road)
  • TREVOR REID PARK (Wills Terrace)
  • TUCKER PARK (Tucker Street and Cheong Street)
  • WALMULLA PARK (Walmulla Street)

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